Fund-raise for your Ride

There are several ways to fundraise for your ride.

  • The entire minimum cost for each rider is $2000  A $700 deposit is required by the rider and this will not be tax deductible.  The additional $1300 can be either paid directly or can be raised.  This portion will be tax deductible per the US nonprofit laws and possibly per Canadian laws.  EI is tax exempt in the USA, Nicaragua and soon Canada.
  • You can use your website to announce it.
  • You an ask your riding friends to support you.
  • You can leverage your social networks
  • Many individual donors may work for companies that match their gifts, find out if your friends do!
  • Ask everyone you know! Promote with friends,family, the office, daycare, your school, lawyer, doctors, and we can help you create your own online campaign page!
  • To guarantee your spot, you may start your campaign page as noted above and get it going with your deposit of $700. The rest of the funds MUST BE raised or paid no later than  January 15th, 2016 or your deposit and position are at risk of being lost.

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