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Empowerment International (EI) has been working in Nicaragua since 2004,  offering a community-based holistic educational program to over 300 children and their families in two extremely impoverished communities.  As part of the program for at-risk youth, they   are encouraged to participate in various enrichment activities to keep them engaged, motivated and off the streets.  These activities include photography, mountain biking, soccer, baseball, and dance.

bike tour (1 of 1)-15Kathy Adams is founder and director of Empowerment International (EI) .   In 2010 EI had it’s first Empowerment Challenge which has turned out to be  a  significant and sustainable method of raising funds.  The Empowerment Challenge connects donors to the beauty of Nicaragua, it’s people, and the organization. Most importantly,   the kids in the Empowerment MTB Club get to practice organizing events and leading them while giving back to their community.

bike tour (1 of 1)-715 year old Maynor is the head of the Empowerment MTB Club.  He has been in the club  for  two years and he is also an avid and talented photographer.  His good natured, extremely helpful and caring  mannerism will become immediately obvious upon meeting him. He has proven over and over again to be a strong leader and caring and thoughtful guide.


bike tour (1 of 1)-11Armando is 20 years old and is studying  product design.  He has been with Empowerment International since its inception in Nicaragua.  Armando has been in the bike club for a year and a half. He has surprised everyone by placing in the top three places nationally in the pro category twice  in 2013.  He loves biking and finds it a great way to stay focused.