The Ride

bike tour (1 of 1)-4Join us for the our fourth annual  fundraising bike ride through Nicaragua on less traveled back roads and trails! You will have the opportunity to see parts of this amazing country that most tourists  never get to see while guided by locals excited to share their beautiful country while earning funds for their community to have a better education.   The ride was founded by  Empowerment International (EI), a non-profit organization devoted to the education of impoverished children in Nicaragua.

Your trip will be fully supported by the EI team and led by the EI Bike club.

The Ride:    Each rider will take a tour of the two  communities  EI serves and  will meet the program participants  before being led by the EI Bike Club out of Granada, Nicaragua, the oldest colonial city in the America’s (1524) on dirt roads, paths and fields.

A few of the attractions and features that will be visited:

Mini Challenge:  A shorter three day portion of  ride  of the challenge is available to Nicaraguan nationals.

Riders: Our crew will do their best to care for you, but every rider will be required to come not only fit but also self-sufficient in terms of ability to carry food, water, basic tools for a day. The ride is currently capped at 25 riders. We’ll be averaging about 50km a day. Although much of the ride will not be technical,  there will be climbs, it is important to be able to do this much mileage on gravel roads and dirt paths for consecutive days. Note that 50 km on a mountain bike is about as difficult as 80 km on a road bike. We will have a mechanic but you should be able to fix a flat or a simple mechanical problems and be aware bike parts are very difficult to find in this country.

What we will provide: 3 meals a day,  lodging (double occupancy), purified water, sag wagon wherever the terrain permits, airport transfers to and from Granada.

Cost:  US$2000 Total:  Riders can fundraise for a large portion of the ride and most will be tax-deductible.

Atención Nacionales de Nicaragua – por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros para más detalles de precios si quieres hacer todo el viaje o solo el mini-challenge.

Note:  It is best to bring your own bike. Decent rentals in Nicaragua are available in limited numbers.  Most other rentals are heavy and of poor quality and may not be very comfortable for the long rugged kilometers we will be putting in daily.   In the past, many riders purchase a good, but used, bike and bring it one way, donating it after the ride for the bike club, so the club  can continue to grow.

Contact us for the more information:

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